Citizen’s War Crimes Tribunal to prosecute Transhumanist Agenda

Transhumanist Agenda War Crimes Tribunal

Public Announcement

Thursday Nov. 27, 2014

 The Transhumanist Agenda War Crimes Tribunal is pleased to announce it is in formation and will be launching in Spring 2015.

Citizen’s War Crimes Tribunal to prosecute Transhumanist Agenda


Here are some background documents on the Transhumanist Agenda addressed by the Tribunal:

  1. Geoengineering, Fukushima radiation, & the Transhumanist Agenda

by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Covert Harassment Conference 2014 with NSA Whistleblower William Binney


​2. ​Alfred Webre: Citizen’s war crimes Tribunal, International Statute, Comprehensive enforcement to end Transhumanist Agenda  



Transhumanist Agenda War Crimes Tribunal



9 thoughts on “Citizen’s War Crimes Tribunal to prosecute Transhumanist Agenda

  1. sooooooooooooo cooooooooooooool. u must come investigate also in Israel, much shit goes on here, and they r responsible for stuff all over the planet. great Reptile centre, u see. good luck , help humanity survive. x

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  4. All that is needed now, is a Government committee formed on an international plateau outside the “western culpability”, to serve the verdicts and carry out the sentences on the persons already convicted of various crimes and violations!!

    Which brings the question to mind, how can an international tribunal and common laws court, bypass the HOTSPOTS of illegally carried out research in the USA, when its US federal branches handles all foreign policies, but allows the individual states within the US Union, to proceed unencumbered?

    These states are sporting the right to not just override federal mandates, but to legislate these through its various severely Nazi science infested and highly corrupt mandates that fall under the clause, if one practices a violations against selected non-consenting human long enough and often enough, it becomes legitimate law by nature of having practiced such?

    Since such laws exist in the State of Montana and specifically point to a county that was formed in 1918 {Mineral County}

    Please consult the inserted PDF file for verification, and note that this commentator does not speak the legal cloaked jargon’s entertained, but one can still clearly assess the completeness of all areas of American life it influences, and the far-reaching implications all the way into judicial and medical sciences, alongside the management branches of the lands and its wild inhabitants such a document asserts!

    The reason these question arise, is that such states easily maintain their legitimacy not just at the expense of the imposed duress on the individual targets, but have the criminal means to highjack lives, put liens on these, and process these as owned commodity and depths collectable.

    So regardless of their nationality, they can hunt and hound them, and reserve the right to remove any legitimate right under federal mandates still existing, since few to non may dare, to nullify these, whist defeating such attempts within its networks of practiced frauds waste and abuses; and if the said targets opt to leave the state and forfeit their residency, all option to redress the state are expired!

    If the said targets opt to stay for the sake of justice, and haven become aware of such with due diligence researching; it leaves the victims of experimentation’s wide open for all stated abuses and stalkings, as is the case with this commentator, since leaving this state closes all doors for justice, and takes the constructed frauds and intrusions into the realms the victims of such may intend to retrieve to, and thus just expands the cloak of its operations further.

    Now that a willing Judge has joined the team of the Citizens War Crimes one would aspire such comets to fall before more capable attentions?

    It should be noted that Americas system is geared in its discovery process, to allow the culprits access and privy with the intend to cross examine, and has an equally corrupt cloak of deterring networks intruding with fabrications and under false pretense, to confiscate documents, records, and various private personal properties and implements of household, including tools and equipments, to sabotage efforts, impair every day operations of normal living, to cause deficits wilts brutalizing its non compliant targets in their homes, often leaving these with out the means to navigate the seasons or following the menial tasks of daily life maintaining ones body, while not abstaining from leaving damaging contaminants behind..

    Torture truly has morphed into an art, that confiscates, isolates and re-fabricates and seems a cultural state-owned American asset, that evokes a sense of belonging among those who live and prosper unharmed in such pockets and states across the US, since the kickbacks and liberty for such a many.

    Since this state can use its human and civil rights, and privacy rights assured laws in its own favor with any and all outsiders, like a seeming protective cloak for its RESIDENTS, and demands legitimized discovery without the subjects cross examinations and validations inputs, it then on the other hand, also allows itself NOT to disclose the numerous exemption clauses it practices against residents that are not born and raised in Montana and that includes all women gender and minors in this clause. And this may include all outside efforts too, under its statures of maintained privacy rights, with for the State Of Montana, are the highest in this nation!.

    Its public records keeping has a notorious aptitude for typos in names and date changing, that seems to spiral the targets into multiple persona entertained within its records system, and also serves as a convenience off alleging such targets of using aliases. Where-there they ever have or not, it appears a fine-tuned instrument for variable usages applied, to make outside the state discovery rather complex, and further ads to the highly maintained discreditably of the so targeted humans.

    This commentator has discovered, that even any normal maintenance medical visits in other states it has resided while under employ in that particular state, may end up as medical services performed within the state of Montana with new dates attached, if said commentator seeks to use prior health records as a means to fending of alleged chronic and or genetic conditions the state has added; and it does not have by virtue of birth and or blood types. But the later state alleges these into existence non the less, and one can only conjecture of the far reaching implications such practices may have.

    The red flag here should be the woman gender, since the “gender female” humans are preferred research vehicles of these horrific abuses carried out without consent, afflicted without prior informing, and carried out by the means so stated.

    And since it leaves such targets wide open to abductions, beatings, tortures, incarcerations and various socially damaging stigmatizing labels accompanying such carnage over time,the validity of such post as these become questionable, since no countermeasure for the forces applied are in place to date!

    Most victims are supply silenced with closed to the public court proceedings that then order the victims to undergo treatment for the accrued stresses and trauma’s, and are medicated into becoming clinical maintained dependents of psychotropic drugs with all according labels and social stigmata’s in place.

    Thanks to relentless calls to to Amnesty International and the UN Human Rights Commission, this commentator was able to avoid being forcibly medicated into silence to date, and maintains itself with meager stores of natural ingredients, since all efforts to alternate treatments are met with astringent deterrents, that add to the eve-growing lists of purported physical generic degenerate conditions alleged, without ever haven been present prior to this states inputs; adding to the ever growing alleged mental conditions alleged, and never present prior to this states input; and all the probable political threats added by the nature of politics just intruding and taking up house in targeted lives across the US, highjacking these, occupying these, and meeting any constructive opposing voice of reason, as domestic terror potentials maintained and pandered into the federal branches and its aims to combat domestic terrors.

    And since America engineered fascism and communism in its worst incarnations, the gulag seems an apt name for the State of Montana. .

    So a conviction in an international court under common laws, may just accelerate the a death-sentence already in slow progress via suppressing physical debilitating permanent injuries targeting the human spine in this particular instance, and by damage causing experimentation and physiological torture through well maintained silence, and by legitimized criminal force, to a probable even more tortures one, since no international protections are provided or enforced currently on US soil!

    This can hardly be deemed a sound environment to step forward with a full discovery, can it?

    And since the human body is the ultimate evidence in question, a sentient soul may find itself puzzled, and views probable international intervention though strategically ordered rescue drills, that include occupying US hospitals and US courts for legitimate record retrievals, as the only means to assist international justice for all human potentials targeted by this rouge organized crime gambit sporting popes,monarchs and presidents, fiancees and the various judicial, scientific and political elite across the western regions.

    And until the home-ports and it various states in the EU union are brought to justice and are convicted for selling humans as specimens under same criminal, tortures and fraudulent “Modus operandi’ found present in America to date, all of Americas criminal rogues catering to these organized criminal affairs, are smug alongside its European counterparts enjoying the same statues to date!


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